Stunning Lantern Centerpieces For Wedding Decors

One really great item that is often overlooked is lanterns for weddings. These can be used in the early evening during the wedding reception as centerpieces on tables and the effect is often quite spectacular. The entire room is often aglow with fantastic lantern light that flickers and provides a festive and beautiful mood and effect.

lantern centerpieces for weddingThere are plenty of different styles of lanterns for weddings and this is another area where people forget to consider all of their options. If you have glass style lanterns you can fill them with candles for a fully lit effect. The rest of the room can be dimmed to give full effect to the lanterns.Lantern Centerpieces

Paper lanterns for weddings are also an elegant option which can add the Paper Lantern Centerpiecesmagical element to the celebration. Large paper lanterns can take a small battery operated tea light to give them a vividly real candle holder look. Battery operated tea lights do not take much energy, they last a long time and they emit a lot of light that gives your celebration an magical effect.

If you are using lanterns for weddings centerpieces on each of your tables, you can give them away to certain guests to take home with them as a keepsake of your special day. It is simple to determine who will get the privilege of your lantern to take home. Before your guests arrive, you simply tape something under their chair so that they can reach down and feel it. Once they realize that they have the winning seat, they are free to take home the lantern.

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable and beautiful. Using lanterns can add magic, beauty, and elegance to a wedding celebration and make the evening stand out in the mind of guests. So many people are impressed by the simple and elegant touches that make a wedding different from others. All it takes is a few simple yet original ideas that will always be remembered by those who attend the wedding.

Special lighting can add a touch of class to your evening and an ambiance that cannot be duplicated with electrical lighting. Lanterns with candles or battery operated candles or tealights can make the evening magical and make everyone realize that the entire evening is about the love of two people who are being united. At first, the idea of lanterns may not be exactly what you had in mind, but at the end of the evening, you will certainly be glad that you went with lanterns for weddings.


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