Picture of Unique Lantern Centerpieces for Weddings

See more unique wedding centerpieces pictures from our collection. For your Unique Wedding Centerpieces Ideas, Unique Wedding Centerpieces photos with Lantern.

Unique wedding centerpieces photos

Yellow Lantern Centerpieces more info>> http://goo.gl/fAexqp

Yellow glass lantern Centerpieces you’ll happy with it. We put it outside on our patio table and it gives a VERY subtle glow at night with a candle inside. It is made a bit on the cheap side though with thin plastic and the panes are not perfectly cut either. Not a bad price though and it is cute. If you are really looking for something ultra special though…keep looking. Still we are happy with it ourselves.

Ocean Blue Lantern Centerpieces picture

Ocean Blue Lantern Centerpieces picture http://goo.gl/kHa0A1

I Loved the color they started out, then they become sun bleached and turned a green colored glass panel. It looks so beautiful and just the light coming in from the window will make the glass glow, BUT you cannot see the candle through the glass. You can see it through the small space of the glass and the frame, but the glass isn’t transparent enough.

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